Easy physical & occupational therapy documentation app.

Use iRehabDoc to manage your home health patients and get control of your day.

  • Find homes quickly with the built-in map utility
  • Organize daily/weekly case loads with the patient scheduler
  • Document care with easy data entry and auto-fill forms
  • Submit paperwork electronically with a few button clicks

Store patient records electronically for easy retrieval.

Say goodbye to boxes of old forms, missing records and shuffling paperwork. Get organized with iRehabDoc and have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Identify patients by name and picture
  • Store all therapy-related forms for the home health setting
  • Find notes and review charts in a snap!

Locate patient homes with the built-in Google map utility.

Put away those maps and quit wasting time driving around looking for homes. Now, you can easily find your patients and stay on time.

  • Find patient homes easily with Google maps and directions
  • Plan routes to minimize driving times
  • Estimate driving time for patient scheduling

Organize daily case loads with the simple patient scheduler.

Plan your days and simplify scheduling with the built-in patient scheduler. Now you can see all of your patients by day so you can plan driving routes and appointment times.

  • View patient schedules by date for easy planning
  • Switch to map view with the click of a button
  • Plan driving routes and appointment schedules

Access the therapy-related forms for home health patients.

Quickly find all of the patient forms you need right at your fingertips. No more shuffling papers or missing documents.

  • Access evaluation and re-evaluation forms
  • Complete progress notes, incident and discharge summaries
  • Document supervision, communication, and coordination of care

Enter data quickly with a few finger taps and minimal typing.

Quit taking notes and waiting until the end of the day to complete your paperwork. Document as you go and get your life back.

  • Use function- and activity-specific data entry fields
  • Enter notes with easy drop-down menus and options
  • Auto-fill PDF forms for easy submission

Promote better patient functional outcomes.

Provide great care to your patients with an app designed by therapists to emphasize achieving patient functional outcomes.

  • Direct evaluations and treatments to the 5 key areas of OASIS C
  • Promote a thorough assessment of a patient’s fall risk
  • Promote the use of standardized tests (TUG/TINETTI)

Coordinate care with other home health professionals.

Ensure your patients get the care they need from other professionals without faxing documents or trading voicemail messages.

  • Receive communication prompts with patient abnormalities
  • Access rehab records from other providers
  • Share records with HIPAA compliant transmission of forms

Compare past, present and outcome goals on work forms.

Stay goal-driven with constant reminders about past, present and goal outcomes on every patient work form.

  • See patient comparative data right on the work form
  • Eliminate the need to revisit previous forms
  • Save time–any changes will auto-populate in future forms

Submit your paperwork electronically. Then go home.

Remember delivering paperwork on your own time and expense? How would you like to do that by simply clicking a button?

  • Quit driving paperwork to the office or mail box
  • Send documents electronically with HIPAA compliance
  • Get rid of those file boxes and lost paper records