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“As a former Kinnser user, when I got home I would have to spend countless hours on the computer completing my documentation for the day. With iRehabDoc, with just the touch of a button my notes are uploaded. I love the iRehabDoc App because it’s efficient and so easy to use, and has given me back valuable time to spend relaxing and enjoying my family.”

-Doris Ramos, OTA

“iRehabDoc has allowed me the convenience of working in home health full time, take care of my one year old, and train for three triathlons. The uploading and sharing of information has allowed me to see patients more rapidly without having to wait multiple days to receive an evaluation; you just upload and go. No 30 minute drives to run paper work to the office, which is precious time to spend with my family.”

-Buck Wike, PTA

“Using iRehabDoc has helped me to have legible notes, less cross outs to re-word an activity. I am more productive and efficient; I can complete my notes at the pt’s home. I don’t have the worry of keeping up with extra keys or door cards to drop off my notes.”

-Jen Palmer, OT

“For me, the convenience of instant access to evaluations and notes are priceless. Also, the speed and convenience of compiling documentation is also very helpful.”

-Pat Roddy, PTA

“I have been extremely happy using iRehabDoc for several reasons. It is a much easier, faster, and more efficient way to communicate with my supervisor and other therapists. It allows for instant correction if errors are made or discovered in paperwork. It is easier to review the archive of a past patient if needed. It has reduced (practically eliminated) the copious amount of wasted paper and printer ink I was required to buy. Most of all, I do not need to spend approximately $25.00 in gas and tolls, and the over 4 hours of additional driving I was having to do to get the paperwork turned in twice each week.”

-Sue Schlichtenmyer, PTA

“iRehabDoc allows me to easily see the progress my patient is making in PT as well as with other disciplines. iRehabDoc makes continuity of care very easy!”

-Stephanie O’Reilly, PT

“Really love this application! It saves me hours on paperwork time leaving me free to be with my family more often.”

-Eve Youngblood-Brown, PTA