Improve home health care with an easy iPad app.

Use iRehabDoc to improve documentation across your home health agency.

  • Standardize care and improve coordination across disciplines
  • Improve documentation while reducing time spent on paperwork
  • Make chart reviews and QA a breeze
  • Forget about lost paperwork or illegible writing

Ensure compliance with the latest guidelines.

Tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines. Let the experts at iRehabDoc help with forms that are routinely updated.

  • Standardize care across your agency with intuitive forms and menus
  • Use documents designed to comply with CMS guidelines
  • Stay ready for audits with easy document storage and retrieval

Promote better patient functional outcomes.

Provide great care to your patients with an app designed by therapists to emphasize achieving patient functional outcomes.

  • Direct evaluations and treatments to the 5 key areas of OASIS C
  • Promote a thorough assessment of a patient’s fall risk
  • Promote the use of standardized tests (TUG/TINETTI)

Coordinate patient care across multiple disciplines.

Ensure every area of care is addressed with automated prompts and forms that suggest when coordination is necessary.

  • Prompt communication between disciplines
  • Stay on track for reevaluations with the automatic visit counter
  • Promote utilization of services

Achieve functional outcomes and reduce wasted visits.

Keep desired outcome goals as a primary focus during each patient visit with forms that compare past, present, and desired outcomes.

  • Promote timely achievement of goals
  • Reduce wasted or inefficient visits
  • Use forms where past, present, and desired outcomes are easily viewable

Ensure comprehensive patient evaluations are documented.

Therapists love the user-friendly evaluation forms … you’ll love getting comprehensive information on each patient.

  • Make each visit efficient and reduce waste
  • Reduce mistakes, rework, and missing information
  • Keep both your therapists and patients happy with the easy app

Comply with HIPAA guidelines for patient information.

Stay compliant with HIPAA guidelines while getting the convenience of electronic storage and secure transmission of patient data.

  • Use encrypted transmission for patient data
  • Stay compliant with password-protected storage
  • Keep access to patient information at your fingertips

Integrate iRehabDoc with your current systems.

Adopting the iRehabDoc app usually doesn’t mean a rework of your current systems. Let us show you how easy it is to integrate.

  • HL7 standards capable
  • Agency portal to print forms & export to interfaces
  • Automated interfaces can be developed

Conduct comprehensive QA and chart reviews in minutes.

The designers of iRehabDoc have a half-century of experience doing chart reviews. They built the app to make QA a breeze.

  • Save time doing chart reviews while easily catching errors
  • Quickly review the evaluation, reevaluation and last notes
  • Use the comparative view to quickly see progress from goals to progress notes

Have trust in iRehabDoc’s proven track record.

iRehabDoc has been used by over 70 home health professionals for two years, with a documented record of success for reimbursement and successful patient outcomes.

  • No history of claim denials
  • Proven outcomes and patient/therapist satisfaction
  • Excellent documentation to aid in audits